I'm an #Image Maker #Media Artist and #Stylist. I love to search the web for inspiration in all things visual. I'm intrigued by all things: masculine, bearded, and silly... menswear, womenswear, great design, personal #STYLE, not just #fashion. I am always looking for new ways to update a wardrobe and style clients.
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    I follow back everyone!

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     Anish KapoorAscension (Red) (2009).

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  • my sweet spot

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     Brest Brest Brest 

    Brest Brest Brest are Arnaud Jarsaillon & Rémy Poncet

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    "An adult with a deep nostalgia for his childhood"

    Jon Gomez de la Peña in “The Boy of 27th” by Anailogico in Summer Diary magazine

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    Alexander Wang for H&M

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